ITAB Prolight


ITAB Prolight UK Ltd has been at the forefront of the design and manufacturing of innovative high quality commercial lighting for 30 years. With the growing influence of energy saving LED lighting, ITAB Prolight selected the specialist lighting knowledge of Oakbrook Marketing for the launch of a new finance leasing initiative.



Promote a new service to increase luminaire sales.

Create simple and clear messages about the benefits of LED lighting and how finance leasing can provide a solution for clients with a limited capital budget .


Develop a launch and campaign marketing strategy, delivered in defined stages.

Integrate with the existing marketing plan.

Provide tools for the sales team to explain the concepts, including:

  • New stand alone LED leasing website
  • Leave behind brochure, containing key proposition points
  • Email marketing campaign to a large, defined target audience

Develop real life case study examples to illustrate the benefits


Launched a new, simple and clear website.

Comprehensive and detailed FAQs that explain technical and financial issues in simple, easy to understand terms.

Targeted email campaign to drive traffic to website.

Generate leads for energy saving projects where previously capital funding would not have been available