What we do

From a full marketing strategy to a new website, product launch, sales lead generation or communications with customers, we are there to help you right along the way.

Too often, marketing is dismissed as simply being fancy creative design or advertising that consumes cost for little return. In reality, marketing is fundamental to how your business grows, develops and increases its profitability. Is your current marketing producing the return on investment you expected? If not, we are here to help.


Oakbrook Marketing is a full service marketing consultancy created to provide as little or as much marketing support as you need, when you need it. Our diverse marketing experience means we can offer a solution at any stage of the marketing process. 

We have practical experience in developing and delivering a full marketing strategy and are skilled in product marketing, producing effective websites, generating sales leads and running customer retention campaigns.


Although we don't have in-house creative design and web development, we work with talented partners with whom we have developed relationships over the last 30 years, to offer you a hassle free one-stop solution. Alternatively we can work seamlessly with your existing suppliers.

Strategic Marketing

Having a robust marketing strategy brings a focus to your marketing activities.

Understanding what your customers need and value is essential for your business. It is also central to marketing. Without this information you cannot create a marketing strategy that sets out an action plan to achieve your short and long term objectives. We can help you to create a marketing strategy before you invest in any specific marketing activity. This will result in a much more focussed approach and maximise your valuable marketing budget.

Product Marketing

Having the right message to the right customers, is fundamental to ensuring sales growth.

Even if you have the most amazing product, if you don't know who your customers are, clearly tell them what you have to offer and how your product can be of benefit, sales will never reach their full potential. Knowing what your message should be is key. Oakbrook Marketing can fully support your product introduction plans and deliver your product marketing process.

Digital Marketing

Choosing the right digital marketing can give your business greater agility and maximise your return on investment.

Digital marketing takes many forms. For example, having a website is pretty much a prerequisite for any business today. But simply setting up a site and thinking the job is done will add no value to your business - not when there are over 1 billion active websites in the world (source: Netcraft Ltd Web Server Survey, June 2016). However, you can take steps to make sure your customers can find you when they search on the internet. Oakbrook Marketing can remove the mystery that digital marketing may present to you.

Campaign Management

A marketing strategy is only stage one. The plan must be implemented and campaigns fully managed.

Many companies invest time and money in a marketing plan and strategy and then do nothing with it. Having a plan is crucial, but if you don’t implement the strategy, its value is restricted and your valuable budget may be wasted. Oakbrook Marketing does more than simply help you to develop your strategy, we can also get on and do the work through cost effective marketing campaigns, generating more enquiries and sales leads or converting these leads into sales.

Market Research

Maintain your competitive advantage by identifying what the market requires.

Having correct and complete business intelligence to hand is crucial before you make important business decisions. It can guide your decisions, providing insight into your market, your competitors, your products and your customers. Market research will help you to spot new market and product opportunities. Oakbrook Marketing can undertake market research on your behalf, providing you with the business intelligence you need - when you need it.

Technical Copywriting

Whether your audience has high or zero technical knowledge, your value proposition should be clear. 

Good technical copywriting should produce simple and clear copy that avoids inappropriate jargon and does not overly complicate the subject matter. Content should be pitched correctly for the audience, so that even if detailed information is essential, the promotional message is not lost in the reams and reams of complex data.

Marketing Communications

Clear communication to your customers and knowing your audience means they get the right message. 

Marketing communications is all about getting the right message across to your target market so that they quickly engage with your business and understand your value proposition. The key is the right approach. Oakbrook Marketing can take away the hassle for you by knowing what approach to take, what the message should be and delivering the communication for you.


Training helps staff to become more confident in their products and customers to trust your business. 

Staff training is an important part of an individual's personal development. Staff become more confident, so productivity and performance improves. Offering training to customers offers a real competitive advantage for your business, building long term relationships. From product launches to approved and accredited Continuing Professional Development, training has a major role to play in business.