Marketing Campaign Management

Campaign Management - Implementing the marketing plan

Creating your marketing strategy is only the first stage. It is vital that the plan is implemented correctly and the resulting marketing campaigns fully managed.

Many companies invest time and money in a marketing plan and strategy and then do nothing with it. Having a plan is crucial, but if you don’t then implement the strategy, its value is restricted and your valuable budget may be wasted.

Oakbrook Marketing does more than simply help you to develop your strategy, we can also get on and do the work through one or a series of cost effective marketing campaigns. We become your outsourced marketing department, achieving the highest possible return on investment for your business - quickly and efficiently.

Selecting the right marketing campaigns is different for every company and varies as your business evolves. Oakbrook Marketing offer a broad range of marketing campaign management support, through a variety of online digital marketing techniques and traditional offline strategies.

Campaigns are targeted at generating more enquiries and sales leads, or converting these leads into sales. They may also be solely used to develop your brands or create awareness of your business with customers.

Email Marketing

PPC Remarketing

Social Media

Offline Marketing

Online campaigns include e-mail marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising/remarketing and mobile apps. Traditional offline marketing should not be ignored either. It is still a fundamental aspect of many company’s marketing mix. In fact a survey conducted by Google in partnership with Ipsos MediCT, suggests that offline media such as TV, radio, and print still plays a leading role in generating online searches for products and services. Packaging design is also still a major feature of most B2C and many B2B products.

Oakbrook Marketing can devise, produce and deliver the most appropriate marketing campaigns, managing the process from start to finish. Where this involves creative design for print and packaging, or web development, we work with trusted specialist partners to provide you with a cost effective one-stop solution - saving you time, effort and ultimately cost.