Product Marketing

Product Marketing - Meeting your customer’s needs

Getting over the right message for your product, to the right customers, is fundamental to ensuring sales growth and maximising opportunities.

Whether you have the most amazing product ever, or simply something that everyone needs every day of the week, if you don't know who your customers are, tell them what you have to offer and what it can do for them, sales will never reach their full potential.


Knowing what your message should be and how to develop customers is key. Being organised and fully prepared is critical to the product’s success.

Take the humble tomato above - a plant, the fruit and juice. All are tomatoes, but each has a different target market and a very different sales and marketing message to create demand. The customers of each will look for different features and benefits when deciding whether to purchase. Oakbrook Marketing is skilled in developing the right message for your product, having practical experience in a broad range of diverse industries.

Knowing what your message should be and developing potential customers are the keys to success in the product marketing process

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Oakbrook Marketing can fully support your product introduction plans and deliver the product marketing process:

  • Define the target market and what products should be offered
  • Understand the requirements of the customer base
  • Propose the most suitable sales channels
  • Create a list of key messages for the product, including price point
  • Define what differentiates the product from the competition
  • Create a launch plan plus launch content and materials
  • Prepare your team so that everything is ready for launch

Product marketing doesn't end at the launch. Regular analysis and key performance indicators should be established to review how the product is performing, so that the plan can be modified in response to market changes or competitor activity. If engaged on a retainer basis, Oakbrook Marketing can provide this ongoing product marketing service.


We also have experience in product management and can work with your research and development team or purchasing function at an early stage to identify the necessary product features and performance criteria prior to undertaking product marketing.

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