Strategic Marketing - Helping you to plan for growth

Oakbrook Marketing has many years of practical experience in creating robust marketing plans and carrying out successful marketing strategies for Global, European, FTSE250 and local SME companies just like yours.

Understanding what your customers need and value is essential for your business. It is also central to marketing. Without this information you cannot create a marketing strategy that sets out an action plan to achieve your short and long term objectives. This is crucial before investing in any specific marketing activity, or you could end up wasting money without achieving any results.

Strategic Marketing

Sound daunting, or not sure where to start? Let us help you. Oakbrook Marketing is experienced in quickly understanding a business, its objectives, its customers and the market environment in order to formulate a formal written strategy. We will also recommend appropriate marketing activities that will generate the best return on your investment and help achieve your short and long term goals.

We want to help you bring focus to your business and maximise your return on investment

A marketing strategy provides a coherent plan of action to grow your business, including:

  • What customers need and desire
  • Target markets that offer growth and opportunity
  • Which marketing channels to focus on
  • Level of enquiries and conversion rate required
  • Identify which marketing activities to use
  • How performance should be measured

Oakbrook Marketing will visit your business and work with you plus any staff you wish to be involved so that we can fully understand your business, your marketplace and your competitors.


We will also review any previous marketing activity and its effectiveness. Additional market research will also be undertaken to complete the picture.

We then produce a marketing plan, proposing your competitive advantage, brand and product positioning, target markets and key messages to your customers. We will also recommend the most appropriate marketing activities and potential marketing campaigns that will deliver the best opportunities for growth. This will result in a much more focussed approach and maximise your valuable marketing budget.