Technical Copywriting and Marketing Communications

Technical Copywriting & Communications - Making it crystal clear

Clear communication with your customers and knowing your audience means they get the right message - first time.

Marketing communications is all about getting the right message across to your target market so that they quickly engage with your business and understand your value proposition. The objective are the same whether you are communicating with a highly technical audience or those with no technical knowledge at all. The key is the right approach.

Marketing communications features activities such as display advertising, press releases or broadcast advertising for TV or radio. But it also includes brochures, packaging, websites, email marketing, social media marketing and even instruction manuals. Oakbrook Marketing can take away the hassle for you by knowing what approach to take, what the message should be and delivering the communication for you.

Technical Copywriting

Display Advertising

Press Releases

Catalogues & Brochures

Drawing on many years of experience, we will advise and implement the most appropriate communication tools to promote your business or products. After first researching and understanding your target audience, we will create clear, concise and easy to follow writing that engages your customers quickly.

This includes technical copywriting, where we will produce simple and clear copy that avoids inappropriate jargon or overly complicates the subject matter. Content will be pitched correctly for the audience, so that even if detailed information is essential, the promotional message is not lost in the reams of complex data. Technical copywriting definitely does not need to be dull and boring.

We have undertaken technical copywriting and marketing communications for diverse and often complex products and markets. We have experience in intelligent electrical products right through to highly regulated medical devices. Whatever the message or method of communication, Oakbrook Marketing can help you to deliver it in an engaging and attractive format, to meet the challenges and objectives of your marketing strategy.